Avinash Sharma (Imaging Scientist)

I am Imaging Scientist at Algolux (Montreal, Canada). Currently, I am working in the CRISP-ML team, where we are developing a tool that uses machine learning to automatically optimize the full imaging and vision system. The CRISP-ML tool can be utilized in various applications including, autonomous vehicles and smartphone cameras. My primary interest is generally in computer vision and control system design and its application in autonomous vehicles and robotics.

I did my Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Concordia University. In my Masters, I worked on developing a dynamic programming based framework for energy trading application. Previously, I had worked as a research assistant in the RISE Lab at IIT Madras. I completed my undergraduate study in the Electrical Department at MNIT Jaipur. During my undergraduate, I was part of the Robotics and Research group called ZINE where I worked on designing an obstacle avoidance based controller for a differential drive robot. We used stereo-vision as odometry for the robot.

Outside of my study and work, my free time is usually spent off playing music or video-games. My favorite video-game genres include strategy and RPG  games like Civilization-VI and Witcher-3.

Github: https://github.com/avinashmnit30
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avinash.sharma.37819959
Email: avinashmnit30@gmail.com